Who we are

World Event Young Artists (WEYA) was the first of its kind and took place in the cultural city of Nottingham, England in September 2012.

This global event showcased a selection of the best international creative talent, across a spectrum of artforms, in one city, providing an opportunity for 1000 artists from 100 nations to join together and share their creativity on an international platform.

The World Event was a chance for international exchange on a global scale, bringing the city to life; it was as much about intercultural dialogue across political borders as it was about the practice of young artists.

This unique combination of factors ensured an unforgettable experience for all who took part and its audiences. Its public programme and web resources offerered space for collaborative development, workshops, debates and symposiums across a mixture of structured and informal settings. Artists took part in workshops and interactive engaging sessions which were delivered by an exciting range of creative individuals and artform specialists, exclusively tailored for young artists of the 21st century.

This once in a lifetime event thrived on discussion and collaboration with like minded artistic talents from across the globe and aimed to encourage future partnerships.

World Event Young Artists 2012 was hosted by UK Young Artists and supported by Arts Council England, Cultural Olympiad East Midlands, Nottingham Trent University and Nottingham City Council.

In 2014 and 2015 this event was attempted to be relaunched but due to lack of sponsors we were not successful in these launches. 2021 is our new year, this is to give us enough time to find all of the necessary sponsors to make this truly the biggest event of the year.