Country: Singapore
Lim believes that nothing beats the experiences that are more genuine than personal
history and the people connected with it. She finds the need to appreciate and maintain
moments with life as records for keepsake.

Being interested in personal history and culture, she captures her memories and
experiences typically in pen and ink. She is inspired by her travels and is fascinated by
people and relationships, representing them in portraits and often applies the techniques
of printmaking as an extension to her drawings.

Artists Groups
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The Contemporary Printmaking Association was founded in 1980 by Tan Ping Chiang, Ho Ho Ying, Thang Kiang How and Wee Beng Chong, all members of the Art Society, to promote the art of printmaking. The association was later re-named The Printmaking Society (Singapore) in 1998, with Cultural Medallion recipient Ms Chng Seok Tin at its helm as President. Over the years the society has held regular exhibitions to display the works of printmakers and artists from various practices. The Society organizes annual shows of its members' work, lectures on printmaking and demonstrations of printmaking techniques. The Society upholds the traditions of one of the earliest art forms in Singapore and undertakes the challenge of archiving, representing and preserving the traditions and histories of printmaking in Singapore.