Collaboration with One Thoresby Street brings artists together to explore the future

Sally Hodgson
One Thoresby Street, a collection of emergent and established artists, galleries, project spaces and studios, has collaborated with WEYA to present an exhibition entitled 'After The World Event'.

As part of the World Event Young Artists One Thoresby Street will present After the World Event; an exhibition and event that explores apocalyptic visions of the future that draw on our anxieties about current social discontent and political crises.

Taking this wide view, After The World Event will attempt to speculate on the implications of globalised spectacles and plot individuals trajectories through global events and crisis. The exhibition places a number of World Event selected artists and a number of Artists not selected as part of WEYA next to one another, and in doing so hopes to question the outcome of such large events and the ripples they will have in the artists, and audiences' futures', with a knowing acceptance of the futility of attempts to predict the future, apocalyptic or otherwise. 

Caroline Monnet - Canada

Caroline is an award winning filmmaker and visual artist working in film/video, installation and printmaking. Her work has been exhibited extensively in film festivals and galleries, including the Toronto International Film Festival, Clermont-Ferrand vidéoformes (France), Urban Shaman Contemporary Aboriginal Art Gallery (Winnipeg), Künstlerhaus Bethanien (Berlin), Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art (Winnipeg) and the Manguere Arts Centre (Auckland, NZ). Monnet is also part of ITWÉ, a trans-disciplinary art collective dedicated to the creation of Aboriginal digital culture. She works and lives in Montréal, Canada.

Alison Stolwood - United Kingdom
Alison is interested in the blurred distinctions between natural and artificial and with highlighting, through camera technologies, notions of time, change and a perception of things in the world. Her work highlights a relationship between habitat and inhabitants and considers how much we control the spaces around us changing and developing the landscape in a process of social and technological succession.

Alison's work develops on a notion of a political landscape. She constructs and isolates with the lens, building up a work in montage or multiple frames. The artist's aim is to study through visual mechanisms a surrounding of infinite complexity and she likes to show a small isolated part of this complexity to help think about the relative impossibility of understanding the whole, using the lens as an aid to observation as well as a tool for manipulation, power and control. Alison's work is a study of life, succession and entropy through a constructed and technological landscape.

Charlie Penrose - United Kingdom
Charlie's work primarily involves manipulations of text, online media and found imagery in an analysis of the human condition. He attempts to question, dissect and analyse the way we communicate and interact with each other in a digital age. He is fascinated by the quasi-communities and pseudo-realities that are created as a result of the internet and much of the artists work focuses on these things. He is also fascinated by the freedom and limits which language as a communicative tool bestows upon us: a large part of his practice finds him playing with words, text and language in an effort to abstract and question its purpose, meaning and the way in which it is utilised.


After The World Event also features the following artists who are not part of WEYA:

Mok Jung Wook
Joseph Cutts
Jeffery Baker
John Harris
Tom Duggan
Tim Hattrick and Calvin Sangster

The exhibition runs from midday on Friday 7 September and throughout the WEYA festival.

About One Thoresby Street
One Thoresby Street comprises a collection of emergent and established artists, galleries, project spaces and studios.

The building hosts an ambitious and innovative programme of contemporary art exhibitions, events and activities involving local, national and international artists and curators.

One Thoresby Street is located at1 Thoresby Street, Nottingham NG1 1AJ

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One Thoresby Street is a 5 minute walk from Nottingham Train Station and 10 minutes from the city centre. The building can be found at the edge of Sneinton Market behind the Bus Depot, Ice Arena and BBC buildings to the east of BioCity. One Thoresby Street is in the large red wedge-like building at the corner of Pennyfoot St and Manvers St at the end of the BioCity complex.