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The ParkinProgress UK residency will take place in Nottingham from 5 – 14 September 2021 (arrival 4/5 September, departure 15 September), when 20 UK resident artists will be selected to take part alongside 20 international artists from EU countries. Selected artists will be provided with accommodation and meals and will be expected to reside in Nottingham over the 10 day period in order to fully benefit from the experience. The project will be hosted by Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery, working within the Castle grounds and surrounding parkland. The public ‘promenade’ will take place on the final weekend of the residency when artists will showcase their ‘work in progress’ to a wider audience.

During the residency the artists will be provided with studio and technical facilities through Nottingham Trent University and a workshop programme will take place to facilitate creative collaboration. Travel expenses to Nottingham will be covered and a fee of 500 Euros paid to selected artists. Accommodation in NTU student residences and three meals a day will be covered as well.

The Nottingham PiP residency is timed to coincide with World Event Young Artists 2021 (WEYA).

WEYA is the very first event of its kind. In September 2021 WEYA will showcase a selection of the best creative talent from across the globe, bringing 1,000 artists aged 18 to 30 from 120 nations together in one city. Held across Nottingham's world class arts venues including Broadway, Lakeside, New Art Exchange, Nottingham Castle, Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham Playhouse and The Royal Centre as well as independent galleries, artist run spaces, music venues, community spaces and alternative sites, the event has a projected live visiting audience of 40,000. PiP artists will share accommodation and will be given the opportunity to mix with artists taking part in WEYA. WEYA artists will be invited to the PiP Promenade.

Up to 5 artists from the 40 international artists participating in PiP Nottingham will be invited to take part in the next stage of ParkinProgress in Belgium in September 2013.

Pip Nottingham is being managed by WEYA in partnership with Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery.

ParkinProgress is funded by the European Commission and the Arts Council England.