Rachel Parry

Rachel Parry is a multidisciplinary artist, emerging curator and educator. She is currently a studio member of BACKLIT Artist Studios and Gallery, Nottingham and most recently she has been appointed as the Art Director for I’m Not From London events.

Image credit : David Sillitoe

Rachel graduated from Northumbria University in Fine Art BA (hons)and went on to exhibit both nationally and internationally; Creating pieces of body based live art, performances, multimedia projects and visual art installations. Some of which is currently being archived as part of, 

Into The future: Sustainable Access to the National Review of Live Art. 


Rachel has received various funding for her projects including The Arts Council of England. Recent funding has enabled her to partake in a residency at Graces Exhibition Space, Brooklyn and at EXIT Art, New York in April 2021.


Rachel has given artist talks, led workshops and has received mentoring from established artists. Noteworthy invitations have enabled her to create new work with Guillermo Gomez Pena with La Pocha Nostra, Ernst Fisher and Helen Spackman of LEBNIZ. She has also performed in Ron Athey’sGift of the Spirit’, Aine PhilipsLouder than Bombs’ and Stacy Makishi’sD.I.Y: Creative Sauce’.



I create surreal, visceral, powerful and tactile experiences. Transforming the space between the artwork and the audience, finding both dark and often humorous moments. Coupling ominous visuals with compelling concepts that are both politically and culturally aware. 


I take risks; embracing both the physical experimentation of my body and the architectures of my mind. I push the boundaries of self, highlighting and urging audiences to become exposed to the darker elements of humanity. Posing the often difficult and demanding personal questions to which we can intrinsically shy away from. 


Exploiting the often bloody and raw language of the body. My artwork is concerned with belonging and rejection. Exploring the ever-changing relationship between artist and audience. Attempting to find my own personal ways to articulate and embody the failing self, illness, the bruised ego, social mobility and nostalgia.