Nottingham Contemporary

Nottingham Contemporary brings international art to an iconic building in the city centre. Designed by Caruso St John, it is one of the largest and most ambitious contemporary art spaces in the UK. It opened on 14 November 2009.

Nottingham Contemporary is an international art centre with a strong local sense of purpose. It is one of the largest contemporary art centres in the UK. It opened in November 2009 to critical acclaim.  Nearly 300,000 people have visited the gallery in its first year, 45% more than expected. It is widely regarded as one of the most exciting galleries in the country, with a large local audience and a strong involvement with the concerns of its home city. The gallery, housed in an iconic green and gold lace patterned building designed by Caruso St John in the city’s historic Lace Market, has generated enthusiasm from the art world and the general public alike.

Highlights of Nottingham Contemporary’s first year’s programme have included: the first survey of the early works of David Hockney for nearly 40 years; Star City: The Future Under Communism, a major exhibition inspired by science fiction and futurology under Communism, featuring many of the leading artists of the post-communist European art scene; and the British Art Show 7: In the Days of the Comet – the first time the major Hayward Touring show opened in Nottingham. Anne Collier and Jack Goldstein, a distinctive photographer and one of the most important ‘artists’ artists of the last 30 years.



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